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// Case Studies

Urban Organic  | The Challenge
 Many singles in the Chicago felt they couldn't find a lot of avenues for meeting other singles. 

The Outcome
Connect young professionals in the city through explorative cooking classes. 

NCVETBIZ  | The Challenge
North Carolina Veteran's Business Association had an outdated onboarding and processing system. Their original  website didn't have the capability to automate and decentralize tasks to run the organization. They wanted a cohesive branding style and an active social media presence. 

The Outcome
The newly designed site allowed for a better UX and flow to be managed by all board members seamlessly. By doing so this removed barriers to entry for potential members as well as seamless data transfer due to automation of 90% of onboarding tasks. Social media analytics has showed a 300% increase in activity when compared to previous year. And new member sign up and payment has increased 85% with 20 new members a month as opposed to 5 members a year. 

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